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Welcome to Learning to be spiritual! This is a place of learning about how to find your own spirit by listening to your intuition and the learning about various modalities of healing and using them to change, transform, and become who we are really meant to be.Marsha

I am a dreamer, a sacred dancer, a pet lover, nature lover, solitary yet social person. My name is Marsha. I like to learn about mystical things. I study various spiritual avenues. I believe all ways lead to God. There is no one better way than another. Your way to spirit can be found within you and without. Look around, see what the world has to offer. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It all has a place. There has to be dark with Light or else we could not transform ourselves. I hope you enjoy this blog and learn a few things also. Come and Learn to be spiritual with me!

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Feel free to contact me at Admin@learningtobespiritual.com