Learn to visualize to help you manifest your dreams

Learning to visualize is easy. It does take practice though. Learning to visualize can help your memory, will help you to  manifest your dreams and  helps your creativity flow.

Start small and simple


Step 1)

If you are new to visualizing, start with a simple shape. Look above to the picture of the triangle. Look at it for a minute, memorizing the shape. Close your eyes. See it in your minds eye. Can you? Open your eyes to look at it again.


Keep looking at the triangle, close your eyes again until you can see it. Keep doing this until you are successful. It may seem like an optical illusion, but you are making progress. Practice this until you CAN see the triangle.

Step 2)

The next step is to make the triangle a pyramid.

Pyramid shape

See the pyramid in your mind’s eye. Again memorize the picture until you can see it when you close your eyes. Practice, practice, practice. See the four sides, see the square base. Look at the pyramid in your mind. Imagine your mind floating above the pyramid, looking down on it. Try to rotate the pyramid in your mind. See each side. Look at a picture of a pyramid. Look at it until you can see it in your mind. You can do this exercise with any shape or image.

CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=247432

Step 3) Manifest using all of your senses

If you have trouble “seeing”, you can use your other senses of hearing, smell, taste,and touch. Some people can remember a smell or a taste or the feel of an object better than they can see in the mind’s eye.

For example take the photo of an apple pie

Apple pie

Look at the fresh warm sweet apple pie. Remember a time that you have eaten a piece of apple pie. Remember how it felt as you bit into it, there were chunks of warm apple in a sweet base of filling, surrounded by flaky crust. Remember how it tasted, how it smelled coming out of the oven. The scent of sweet,fragrant cinnamon wafting to your nose. This is how you use all of your senses to visualize. You can use any smell, taste,or feeling to boost your creative visualizations.

Using Feelings and Emotion to put the “spark”into your visualizations

Get clear about what it is that you wish to manifest. Draw a picture of it. Our subconscious uses pictures to communicate. If the thing you want is a new home, find a photo of a home you would like to have, draw a picture of it. Make it as simple or as detailed as you wish. Sit down with your picture and using all of your senses, imagine walking up to the door. What does it look like? Feel the wood, feel the metal of the door handle in your hand as you open it. Walk through the door, see the living room, all the furniture within. Imagine a fire in a fireplace.Feel the warmth of fire, the outdoorsy crisp smell of the fire burning, see the flames jumping, burning the wood.  Sit down on your couch. Imagine the softness of the cushion. Go through each room feeling the pride of living in this space. This house is yours. See yourself tilling the earth to make a garden, smell the fresh dirt, imagine the feeling of contentment and happiness of living in this place. Open ALL of your senses to see this NOW. FEEL the FEELINGS of pride, accomplishment, and  freedom that having this home makes you feel. Feel these feelings STRONGLY.


Say you have debt that you want paid in full. You could draw a check with the sum of the debt fully paid off. See this in your mind, the check saying “Paid In Full” while bringing up the feelings of satisfaction, relief, happiness. The more “REAL” YOUR FEELINGS are , the BETTER the outcome. Take steps in the real world to pay off the debt and use your imagination and feelings to help you along to your goal.

Bring it all together…

Visualizing takes practice but everyone can do it. Use your inner vision, all of your senses, and your feelings to bring your imaginings to life. By using your feelings to guide your thoughts, you will manifest your desires. All it takes is practice and creativity on your part. Bring out your “inner child” to help you. Use pictures to connect with your subconscious mind. Bring strong feelings to your visualizations and KNOW THAT YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS ARE HERE NOW. Imagine the END GOAL/DREAM.  Get Emotional when visualizing. Then Let it go.

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