Ascension Angel Cards review

Ascension Angel bookToday I am reviewing  a brand new oracle deck by Melanie Beckler, called “Ascension Angel Cards“.

The person, the channel

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed author, clear channel of the Light,and ascension guide, who with her videos, card readings,mp3’s, and intuitive courses, helps us to open our hearts and learn to use our inborn intuition to call upon the angels and Archangels to heal and protect ourselves and others.

The guide bookThe Guide book

When you open the guide book you are given instructions on how to use The Ascension Angel cards. “Each card is infused with the Love and Healing energy of the Angelic realms.” The book tells the reader to listen to your intuition and to call upon  your angels for guidance to interpret the images and thoughts that come as you draw the cards. There is a channelled message from Archangel Michael to cleanse and connect with your new deck. I really enjoy the thoroughness of Ms. Beckler in her channelings. She gives instructions to ensure that even if you have never held or owned an oracle deck,  that you will be able to interpret the meanings of the Ascension Angel cards. She tells us that to access our personal angel guides, we only have to open our hearts and mind. That we are the portal to our angel guide team. She even explains repeating cards. Repeating cards mean that the angels have a very important message for you to integrate and when we honor that message and take action to make the needed changes our angels will show us new cards. I’ve had it happen to me. The same card will come up in 2 readings back to back.

There is an Invocation to call your angels before using the cards. You can use her invocation or use your own prayer. That’s the fun part~making up invocations. Here is one I made up: ” I now call to my Angel guides. I ask for clarity of mind. I ask for your help to raise my frequency to Love and Light. I ask for my Heart to be open so that I may hear and know and see intuitively the answers that I seek. Let me be a clear channel for the angels, Let me hear the divine messages that my angels impart to me. I ask that I am protected by the Divine Light, and that Truth and Love be present in my readings for the highest good of all.”

The booklet tells us how to ask a well phrased question. For example: 

“What guidance do my angels have for me today?”

“What guidance can you give me to improve my health?”

” What do i most need to know regarding my relationship with _____?

Angel card spreads: You can use a 1 card reading, 2 card reading, 3 card reading, or a 5 card reading.

I generally use the 3 card reading.

card 1)The Situation-Angelic Guidance-Past

card 2)Challenge-Clarification-Present

card 3)Guidance-Message from Higher Self-Future

The Ascension Angel cards

Ascension Angel cards

The Ascension Angel Cards themselves are beautiful. Some look like watercolor paintings. There is a wonderful use of Light and Darkness within the cards. There is use of sacred geometry, use of sacred Archetypes to access the deepest parts of our souls. Receiving reversed, upside down cards is an indication of a Strong Message from your Angels.

In the booklet it gives the particular Archangel of a card but it is not on the card itself.

Each card has a meaning, I really wouldn’t call it a meaning. Sacred guidance with exercises to implement. She gives us invocations to use, steps to take, meditations to use for our own spiritual growth. As you meditate on the beautiful visuals, you are guided to remember to pause and breathe, to listen to our subtle divine voice of intuition. Each card is a meditation within itself. The writing takes you on a journey of your soul. If you take your time and truly absorb the channelings, you will experience emotional, mental,and spiritual growth.

You can choose 1 card for a daily Angel guidance session. When I use them some cards “jump”. That is the card that my Angels want me to see.

There is so much information in this small booklet and in the Ascension Angel cards. When looking at a card I get downloaded with information from my Angels. I just received this deck as it is brand spanking new! So I have many years of use to look forward to. She gives us vibrant visualizations to do, a meditation in every card. The deck comes with a purple satin bag to hold your cards and guidebook, which is very nice to receive. There is even a “Get a free mp3 Angel message” card included. Within each card lies Divine LOVE, LIGHT, and a way to access our intuition. To connect with a particular Archangel you merely focus on the card.

For example: Emotional Clearing card is attributed to Archangel Muriel. It tells us that “clearing the lower levels of emotion is essential to us now. Negative emotions are not your truth, rather they simply reveal a record of your past experience within illusion.” It tells us to release the fear into the Light and to Center our energy with our breath. That we are responsible for our own energy. We are to “Release, Let Go of Emotion, Return to neutrality and then tune into gratitude.”

The cards themselves fit perfectly in my hand. They are slick to the touch and easy to shuffle. A beauty to behold. They are the perfect size to fit in a purse or even a jacket pocket for travel.

All in all I am happy with my purchase. I look forward to many years of learning with the Ascension Angel card deck.

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