What is the Law of Attraction and how can it help me?

Birds of a feather,Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction (LOA)

What is LOA? Is it for real? Does Law of Attraction work? How can it help me?

History of the Law of Attraction

In the early 19th century, there was a New Thought movement. Phineas P Quimby is thought to be the founder of this New thought movement. Quimby was influenced by a lecture by Charles Poyen and Franz Mesmer’s work on hypnosis, which was called mesmerism, which is where we get the word “mesmerize”. Mr. Quimby founded a mental health facility in Portland, Maine in 1859,using hypnotism(mesmerism) to help people to understand that “illness is a matter of the mind”. Prentice Mulford and his White Cross Library is where the name “New Thought” and the term “Law of Attraction” first came to fruition. There are still schools and organizations based on New Thought that are active today Continue reading “What is the Law of Attraction and how can it help me?”

Addicted to Drama

People love drama. It excites them, even if they claim they don’t like it.

Even I am guilty of creating drama.We all are.People get bored with everyday life and want to subconsciously make some “fun”, but it’s in a bad way. People gossip about each other at work, in their neighborhoods, at school. Sometimes it’s just to feel superior over another. Some drama, as in drama on TV,movies, or going to a play is great! It lets us feel emotions that otherwise may seem “bad” to others. We need Light and Dark in our lives to transform, change. Some people are afraid of change. They want things to remain static. Once people start with gossip and drama, it becomes an addiction that is hard to stop. Continue reading “Addicted to Drama”