Following Spiritual breadcrumbs to the Ocean

humpback whale breaching

Life is stressful, we hurry to work or school everyday and we dont make the time to notice our intuition or Spirit when it talks to us. If we do we discount it.

Following but not knowing it

Last week Spirit or my intuition was leading me on a long and winding journey, not that I knew it! I was at work talking with a customer about his photos. He worked for the government as a scientist and as an oceanographer. He showed me his pictures of a very large iceberg, taken in Antarctica. Spirit was leading me to something.

Keep following the breadcrumbs…

I went to the thrift store, while there I found a book by Joseph Campbell about Myths. There were pictures of the French cave drawings called ” Les Troi Freres”. The drawing is showing an ancient shaman doing a ritual dressed in animal skin dancing. Later I was watching a show about Australian aborigines shamans talking about “The Dreamtime”, which is their astral plane. The astral plane is where we go when we dream and meditate deeply. The show was explaining how the astral plane is water like. Thoughts are very changeable, shifting quickly in the astral realm. I was following all of this but it didnt hit me yet of exactly what my intuition was trying to get across to me.

From Shamans to the Pineal gland

I was on “The video site” looking for a good video of how to open the pineal gland. I was led to a  Drunvalo Melchizedek video about the pineal gland. I watched the video, did the exercise to awaken the pineal gland and its’ antennas around the head. The classic paintings of Christ with the “Halo of Light” is what he was teaching in the video class. But I was searching for a sound healing video. Then i was led to some very strange videos about the African click language and using clicking sounds to open the pineal gland. It seems that I was listening to my intuition and getting closer and closer. How I was doing this I cant explain.

Almost there… where am I being led? To the Ocean and back to the Dreamtime

humpback whale breaching
Humpback whale

While in the weird side of Youtube I found a guided meditation in which the woman was chanting, humming, and making vibrating sounds to open the pineal gland. In her meditation she called 3 whales to use their sonar to break the calcification off of the pineal gland. Then it hit me! Whale songs and dolphin clicks!!! The aboriginals meet with the whales in the Dream-time to get healed through sound healing and to gather wisdom of compassion, listening to your inner voice, and learning to use and listen to your emotions. Dolphin sounds speak to our primal self, the clicks open our heart chakra and the pineal gland. Dolphins protect people from sharks and drowning. They symbolize love, companionship, humor and joy and are not afraid. They are very intelligent and tell us to use our intelligence in a playful way.

Whales, Dolphins, and Sound healing


I immediately went to whale and dolphin videos and watched and meditated. My heart chakra and pineal gland burst open! I have never had such an emotional meditation in my life. Because i was open to all these seemingly crazy thoughts, to talk to people and ask different questions I would have never thought of and to allow myself to be led on a very long journey, I was led, by my higher self and Spirit, to exactly the healing that i needed to open my heart that had been closed off.

In summary

My higher self was guiding me to the ocean, to the whale and dolphin songs. To hear your higher self, be open, questioning. Be willing to go astray from your regular routine, take the long way home, let your imagination lead you. If you have the thought to talk to a particular person, do it. They may have some very important information for you.

2 thoughts on “Following Spiritual breadcrumbs to the Ocean”

  1. I love the beautiful synchronicity in your experiences Marsha. You are so right about the fact that our Higher Self leads us and guides us, as long as we’re willing to allow it. When you open up yourself to this Divine guidance of our Soul, it is like magic starts to happen. Beautiful “breadcrumbs” indeed. Please keep following them! Life is amazing! Everything around us has a message to tell you. Wishing you all the best! I will be back to read more! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Thank you Anja. It was hard to explain all this to others.Glad you understand it all.My higher self apparently loves to lead me on long journeys haha!

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