Adapting to Change,New Moon in Virgo Sept.20, 2017

New MoonOn Sept.20,2017 there is a New moon at 27 degrees of Virgo , the Virgin, the Maiden, the Earth Mother. Five planets will be in Virgo: Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury.

New Moon In Virgo

Virgo Earth Maiden
Virgo Earth Maiden

The NM is a fresh start in the house that Virgo rules in the astrology chart. Virgo correspondences to focus on:

Service to others




Day to day issues




Diet, Nutrition


Herbs, Supplements

Cleaning, Decluttering


Earth energy, grounding




Focusing on details

Mental pursuits,Communication

Critical thinking


Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems and bringing order to chaos.


  1. Striving for perfection
  2. Worrying about not being perfect
  3. Over analyzing issues
  4. Overly critical of self and others
  5. Judgemental
  6. Harsh and blunt towards others
  7. Holding others to high expectations that they cannot reach


From Astro

On 20th of September we have a New Moon at 27° Virgo. This is another confusing New Moon because the New Moon ruler, Mercury is in a tight opposition to Neptune. The New Moon is also in a quincunx to Uranus, which means the Moon will not necessarily know how to deal with the explosive Uranian energy. During this New Moon you can have strange emotional reactions or bizarre ideas. Unless you have planets in your natal chart who make especially favourable aspects to this New Moon, wait for other New Moons to launch your big projects or initiatives. This does not apply if you are an artist, a writer, a musician. In this case you can benefit from the New Moon in Virgo because the Mercury Neptune opposition will bring a lot of emotional sensitivity which can be expressed thorough art.


According to

The new moon on September 20 is the first new moon since the total solar eclipse on August 21. Eclipses mark the beginning of a six-month phase with certain goals or aims. Each new moon within the eclipse cycle represents a new stage of development of your long-term goals.

The aim of the August 21 solar eclipse was to make bold, confident changes that lead to long-term success. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you want. Positive change was predicted because the solar eclipse was trine Uranus.

The September 20 new moon quincunx Uranus means this new stage of development involves adapting to changing circumstances. Alterations to your original goal may be needed to make it more attainable. The new moon opposite Chiron means you must adjust your methods or expectations in response to your deepest and most painful wound.

One last point to consider is the importance of Venus in the September 20 new moon horoscope. At 00°12′ Virgo, Venus is directly linked to the August 21 solar eclipse.

Fixed star Regulus at 00°04′ Virgo is already activated by the solar eclipse and now by Venus.

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