Autumnal Equinox 2017

Solstice and equinox The Autumnal Equinox is a time of harvest. When I celebrated the Wiccan way, I celebrated Mabon. According to;  

“The name Mabon for this holiday was first assigned in the 1970s by Aiden Kelly. There is no historical evidence for its use as a name for any holiday by any ancient peoples. However, the name Mabon does appear in history and literature attached to people. Mabon ap Modron appears as a character in the Arthurian legends and there are Celtic influenced Pagans who believe that he represents a God of harvest and rebirth. He be related to the God Maponos. Mabon is also the name of a Cornish Saint. The name “Mabon” is said to mean “Great Son”.

Other names for this festival include Harvest Home and the Feast of the Ingathering.”


green man

Wow, back then, we didn’t have the internet and we had to improvise. We did things by intuition. We danced around fires, we chanted to the Goddess’;Ceres and Demeter and the Horned God. We put out all of the harvested bounty that we had grown that season (or bought). Apple cider, pumpkin pie, home grown fingerling potatoes, corn, wheat bread were all on the menu. We celebrated the equal day and night, the balance of opposing forces. We intuitively understood that the time to go within was upon us. And soon, a time that the veil was lifted,so we could talk to our ancestors, on Samhain. We celebrated the summer leaving and the fall entering, we gathered firewood for the long winter, put the root veggies in the cellar, made jams to preserve the fresh strawberries and blackberries.

We chanted spells of balance, prosperity, and good health; while inhaling the intoxicating scents of benzoin,sage,and sandalwood. When your in tune with the seasons and the Earth and the Stars, you intuit things. You follow your instincts. Even today, when i read astrology blogs to see whats going on with the planets, I find that I have been thinking and feeling what the authors are writing about,a few days beforehand. Everything has its perfect timing. We were Grateful for the harvest and everything that we had. Get some candles, your offerings of food, and celebrate with friends! Set your intentions, make that vision board, meditate on the balance of the universe. Use your Magick! Even if you have to work, make time to Celebrate today!

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